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The difference between stoicism and resilience

Nephew: I disagree with you. Uncle: What? Why? I haven’t said anything! You just got here! Nephew: You said we need to develop the feeling that whatever happens, we will handle it. That’s rubbish. Our neighbour, Mr Flan, was super … Continue reading

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What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

Nephew: You say we need to be aware of what we are feeling? Aren’t we already? Uncle: Many people aren’t. Some people try to be always rational, and lose touch with what they are feeling. Others focus on what they … Continue reading

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Label it. And be specific!

Nephew: You said one way to become aware of what we are feeling is to label our emotions. To that I replied, ‘Give them name tags?” and you agreed! What the hell are you talking about? Uncle: Recently I invited … Continue reading

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Distinguish between your thoughts and feelings.

Uncle: How do you feel about circus lions being kept in cages? Nephew: It’s cruel. It’s wrong. It shouldn’t be allowed. Uncle: Wrong answer. Nephew: Huh? Why? Uncle: How do you feel about your basketball team losing yesterday? Nephew: We … Continue reading

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What presses your button?

Uncle: Rolf would become incensed when a driver cut in front of him. Nephew: Who’s Rolf? Uncle: One time, when the driver in front of him had stopped at the lights, Rolf got out of his car and rapped on … Continue reading

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Don’t talk like a zombie.

Uncle: I once asked an acquaintance . . . let’s call him ‘Oscar’. . . Nephew: No, let’s call him R2D2. Uncle: Shut up. I once asked Oscarhow he felt about losing custody of his dog. He shrugged and replied, … Continue reading

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Charlotte and the Creatures of the Dark Forest

Uncle: Here’s a bedtime story for you. Nephew: At my age? At midday? I’m overjoyed. Uncle: Once upon a time, young Charlotte was in a paddock warming herself in the sun and throwing pine cones at Farmer Brown’s beehives. Nephew: … Continue reading

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