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What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

Nephew: You say we need to be aware of what we are feeling? Aren’t we already? Uncle: Many people aren’t. Some people try to be always rational, and lose touch with what they are feeling. Others focus on what they … Continue reading

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Label it. And be specific!

Nephew: You said one way to become aware of what we are feeling is to label our emotions. To that I replied, ‘Give them name tags?” and you agreed! What the hell are you talking about? Uncle: Recently I invited … Continue reading

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Distinguish between your thoughts and feelings.

Uncle: How do you feel about circus lions being kept in cages? Nephew: It’s cruel. It’s wrong. It shouldn’t be allowed. Uncle: Wrong answer. Nephew: Huh? Why? Uncle: How do you feel about your basketball team losing yesterday? Nephew: We … Continue reading

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What presses your button?

Uncle: Rolf would become incensed when a driver cut in front of him. Nephew: Who’s Rolf? Uncle: One time, when the driver in front of him had stopped at the lights, Rolf got out of his car and rapped on … Continue reading

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Don’t talk like a zombie.

Uncle: I once asked an acquaintance . . . let’s call him ‘Oscar’. . . Nephew: No, let’s call him R2D2. Uncle: Shut up. I once asked Oscar how he felt about losing custody of his dog. He shrugged and … Continue reading

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Charlotte and the Creatures of the Dark Forest

Uncle: Here’s a bedtime story for you. Nephew: At my age? At midday? I’m overjoyed. Uncle: Once upon a time, young Charlotte was in a paddock warming herself in the sun and throwing pine cones at Farmer Brown’s beehives. Nephew: … Continue reading

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Ignore the dills in the peanut gallery.

Uncle: A century ago, theatre audiences were noisy. If the entertainment was deemed poor the patrons would express their displeasure by heckling, or by throwing peanuts at the actors. The biggest nuisances were the less sophisticated patrons sitting in the … Continue reading

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