Happiness myths.

Myth: “We can make ourselves happier by adopting positive thinking.”
It seems self evident, doesn’t it? But let’s look a little deeper . . .

Myth: “We need money to be happy.”
This is one of the first myths the happiness experts like to dispel. Now it’s Mr Bashful’s turn, but he promises to not use statistics. Click here to find why it’s only a myth.

Myth: “Being kind will bring happiness.”
We hear so much about ‘being kind‘ and ‘random acts of kindness‘. Yes, they have a lot going for them, but click here to see why we need neither to have core happiness.

Myth: “We need to suffer.”
That belief has been around for centuries, and has helped countless people give meaning to their suffering.  But is it a key to core happiness? No. Click here to see why.

Myth: “Good health brings happiness.”
It is often said that good health is the most important thing a person can have. (‘Happiness’ or ‘self-esteem’ aren’t as important, apparently.) But let’s establish one thing: Good health does not bring happiness.

Myth: “We are happier having only a few possessions.” 
Consumerism is often criticised, for good reasons. But we can be as happy having many possessions as having a few. Read why.

Myth: “We need to love ourselves to be happy.”
We hear it so often, but is it true? Click here to learn why it isn’t true.

Myth: “We need to be loved to be happy.”
That can’t be right, can it? Nuh. It’s not right. Click here to find out why.

Myth: “We need good, close relationships to be happy.”
The ‘experts’ are almost unanimous about that one. It’s a shame they’re wrong. If they were to spread their gaze just a little farther . . .

Myth: “We can choose to be happy.”  Of course we can’t, and not only is it naive and simplistic to suggest we can, it’s unfair. Click here to read why.

Myth: “Happiness comes from having low expectations.”
With low expectations you won’t be disappointed, so it’s easier to be happy. That’s the theory, anyway. Click here to see why it’s wrong.

Myth: “We need to foster compassion to be happy.”
Buddhists place a lot of importance on fostering compassion. Why? Will it make us happier? Maybe. But should we try to become more compassionate? No. Click here to find out why.

Myth: We can earn our self-worth.
How many of us live our lives trying to earn our self-worth? Might you be trying to earn your self worth? Click here.

Myth: We should aim to succeed.
But what is success? And why the hell should we try to succeed? Click here to find out why we shouldn’t.

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