Myth: Good health brings happiness.

Is having good health a key to core happiness?

If you are suffering from the eye-bulging pain of dengue fever then no, you won’t be happy. But that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Or should a key to core happiness be ‘Avoid catching the Black Death?’
Having bad health can understandably make us unhappy, but that doesn’t mean the reverse is true, that good health makes us happy. There are plenty of healthy, glum people about.

Fairly obviously, get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious food, and avoid catching the Black Death.

Q. ‘Mr Bashful, are you saying someone with poor health can’t be happy?’
I’m not saying that. It is feasible that someone with chronic poor health, perhaps even chronic pain, might eventually come to terms with their illness and return to the same level of core happiness they had before. Naturally, they’d give anything to be well again, but that doesn’t mean their core happiness is not healthy.
I have met people with chronic pain, who do consider themselves to be leading happy lives. And I’ve met people with perfect health, with no major problems, who aren’t that happy.

Q. ‘Could someone with a terminal illness be happy?’
Again, it is feasible that a person suffering the pain, anguish and fear of a terminal illness, and who is terribly unhappy, might still consider themselves to be leading a happy life.
‘How? How could that be?’
Because they can instinctively distinguish between their temporary unhappiness and their core happiness. Yes, they’ll be experiencing bucket-loads of misery, yet still be aware that underneath it all, life is worth living and enjoyable.
At least, that’s how Mr Bashful sees it. He hasn’t asked heaps of people with chronic pain or terminal illness how happy they are. Nor will he.
A neighbour grieved terribly for the loss of his missus, but still considered himself to be happy.
It’s a contradiction only explained by making the distinction between our temporary happiness and our core happiness.

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