Mr Bashful, Speaker

Mark is the winner of the ABC Radio National’s Now Hear This! competition, and has presented a talk on ABC Radio National’s ‘Ockham’s Razor’ program, hosted by Robyn Williams. He has been the perennial judge of the Genii’s Magical Society’s annual Magic Competition.

He keeps his vocal chords busy as one of the soapbox orators in Sydney’s Domain. He began speaking there to improve his public speaking skills and to get feedback on his ideas. He keeps doing it for those reasons, and because it’s fun.
He calls himself Mr Bashful because it’s easy to remember and easy to google.
You will find him and the other speakers opposite the NSW Art Gallery in Art Gallery Road, on Sundays from 2pm until 5pm.

Bring a question with you. If he can’t answer it, his grasshoppers will have a crack at answering it.

For more information about Mark, and to see videos of him speaking as Mr Bashful at Speakers’ Corner, click here.





4 Responses to Mr Bashful, Speaker

  1. chris 7 mary hunt says:

    What time do you arrive and start speakers Corner.
    Thank you for your hoped for reply

  2. Richard Moseley says:

    The name you use for the site is good and worth keeping, although you may want to consider a
    tagline such as ‘ ME BASHFUL – A VERY BOLD MAN ‘ . I’m sure you could think of some better tagline than my effort here.

    • Mr Bashful says:

      Hi Richard,
      Thank you for thinking of me and taking the trouble to make your suggestion. I appreciate that.
      The tagline next to the title (on the right hand side) is currently, ‘No New-Age Mumbo-Jumbo, no jargon, no advertisements.’ I’ll keep it at that because it lets people know that I’m different from other ‘happiness gurus. That might prompt them to hang around to find out why. Besides, I don’t want the tagline to focus on me; rather, I want it to focus on how the reader will benefit.
      But again, thank you for thinking of me.

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