Thank you!

I thank my dear Cousin Fiona, who thirty years ago typed my murder mystery manuscript. By doing so she let me think I had something to offer, and whether or not that encouragement was justified, the self belief I gained encouraged me to follow my heart. I could not have received a greater gift. Thank you, dear Cousin Fiona.

Dear Cousin Fiona. Legend.

I have others to thank:

To all the people I have quoted in this book, and to all the people who wrote the articles and books about happiness that I have read: Thank you! It really is a case of me ‘scrambling for the crumbs left by giants’. The wisdom I gleaned from those quotes, articles, and books not only helped me write this book, it also helped me in life. I realise how fortunate I am, and I thank you all for it.

Yes, many times I have taken a swipe at you, facetiously referring to you as happiness ‘experts’ or ‘gurus’. But your wisdom was invaluable all the same. Disagreement is a healthy thing and I have enjoyed my bouts of hubris. Further, treating you in that way helps me gain the confidence to disagree with you, and to develop my own ideas.

And thank you to the people with whom I have discussed my ideas – my friends and advisors, as well as the many passers-by who stopped to chat with Mr Bashful at Speakers’ Corner. Countless times I have, after receiving feedback, modified my ideas or changed my mind outright. Again, thank you!

And thank you to the people who, after perusing this ‘Umpteen’ book, have sent me a note of appreciation. It is hard to objectively gauge the worth of one’s own efforts, so to have those efforts praised by passing visitors is a real treat. Thank you!


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