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What is happiness?

Being happy is not about living ‘life’s spectacular journey’. Nor is it about avoiding pain. A happy person feels all the dark emotions: anger, fear, sadness, grief . . . They’re just not broken by them.   There are two … Continue reading

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Why does poo smell bad? A brief explanation of the process of natural selection.

This is a long chapter and different from the other chapters. If you’re willing to read on, here are four quick and basic examples of how natural selection works. Otherwise, jump to the next chapter, ‘How Did Happiness Evolve?‘ (1) … Continue reading

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How did happiness evolve?

It is hard to speak of evolution without inadvertently attributing to it intent. I might say, ‘beetles evolved to fly’, which sounds like the beetles had a choice in the matter. Of course they didn’t. Or, I might say, ‘evolution … Continue reading

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Getting the balance right.

Every day we experience fears: the fear of failure, of rejection, of looking stupid, the fear that our dinner will get cold . . .  We have a myriad of fears. We can reduce those fears by developing the belief … Continue reading

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Should we even seek happiness?

Q. ‘Who wants to be a grinning idiot with no real substance?’ Being happy is not about being a grinning idiot. Happy people still suffer; they still feel all the dark emotions – hurt, anger, fear, sadness . . . … Continue reading

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The happiness researchers

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The need to feel safe.

Nephew: You reckon that if we want to add to our core happiness we need to satisfy our innate need to feel safe. Uncle: You’ve been listening? Nephew: I managed to stay awake at that part. But we feel safe … Continue reading

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