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The Umpteen Keys to Happiness.

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Key 16. ‘The Tyranny of the Should’.

‘I should study if I want to pass the test.’
 ‘People should see a doctor if their leg is bitten off.’
 ‘You ought to treat your partner well if you want a healthy relationship.’
 Beliefs like the above are helpful … Continue reading

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Part 3. What creates our emotions?

Music, art and drugs can create emotions within us. Thoughts do, too. Something happens, we interpret the situation, and an emotion results. Fact ➡️ Interpretation ➡️ Emotion. For example: A footballer kicks a goal. (Fact.) She sees that is good for her team. (That’s … Continue reading

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Key 17. What makes you angry?

Years ago my uncle Geoff and I were walking in his orchard. Taking a bite out of a big Satsuma plum he asked me casually, ‘Mark, what makes you angry?’ I knew I was being set up for something but … Continue reading

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Part 4. Unwanted thoughts.

‘All healthy human beings have an inner stream of thoughts and feelings that include criticism, doubt and fear. That’s just our minds doing the job they were designed to do: trying to anticipate and solve problems and avoid potential pitfalls.’
 … Continue reading

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Key 18. Be aware of your thoughts.

The first key of this book suggests we notice what we are were feeling and label it. ‘I’m feeling grumpy.’               ‘I’m feeling joyful.’    That will help us become adept at identifying our … Continue reading

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Key 19. Think what you like.

A few months ago my house was robbed. I have been surprised at how long the sense of violation has lasted. I still come home concerned that my new computer might be gone, and when I look out my kitchen … Continue reading

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