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The Umpteen Keys to Happiness.

In a nutshell: we evolved happiness. It’s our reward for satisfying short-term and long-term innate needs. One of those long-term needs is to feel safe, and the best way to feel safe is to feel resilient – to feel that … Continue reading

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Why did I write this book?

When I was a child my father would tell me I was lucky to have a life. That puzzled me, because whenever I asked myself ‘Are you glad you were born?’ my answer was invariably ‘No.’ I believed my father … Continue reading

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Can this book help people suffering depression?

If my sister Jane were alive today I still could not heal her. Depression is not simply a lack of happiness; it’s a complex illness that comes in many forms, and needs professional treatment. I have no evidence to suggest … Continue reading

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What is happiness?

Being happy is not about living ‘life’s spectacular journey’, as some happiness experts attest. Nor is it about avoiding suffering. A happy person feels all the dark emotions: anger, fear, sadness, grief . . . but isn’t broken by them. … Continue reading

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Let’s define evolution.

It is hard to speak of evolution without inadvertently attributing to it intent. I might say, ‘beetles evolved to fly’, which sounds like the beetles had a choice in the matter. Of course they didn’t. Or I might say, ‘evolution … Continue reading

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The need to be resilient.

First, we need to look at how happiness evolved. The evolution of temporary happiness (pleasure)
 When we engage in short-term behaviours that benefit us and our species, such as eating, having sex or playing (playing is good for us because … Continue reading

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Part 1. Be aware of what you are feeling.

Years ago, when I was visiting my uncle Geoff at his farm in Korumburra, he casually asked, ’Mark, how do you feel about circus lions being kept in cages?’ I answered, ‘It’s cruel, it’s wrong, it shouldn’t be allowed’, to … Continue reading

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