If you are young . . .

. . . this book is for you. It’s to tell you things I wish my sister and I had known when we were young.
It’s a  pre-self-help book, designed to help you to not become anxious in the first place. It’s to help you develop the feeling that whatever happens in life, you will handle it. Then, when the bad times happen, you will be ready for them.
  In a way, it’s about ‘building ourselves a person’ so that we can become confident and resilient. And happier.
  I wrote it for my long-dead sister, Jane. I wrote it for you. And, while writing it I discovered I was also writing it for me.
  I hope you benefit from it.
Mark Avery.

‘We are all in the same boat, in this stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.’
G. K. Chesterton.

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