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Key 8. To become resilient, allow yourself to cry.

When I was a little boy I was in the back yard crying (for a forgotten reason) and my grandfather rushed up to tell me I mustn’t cry. It was a message he gave me often. Countless men and women … Continue reading

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Key 9. Don’t ‘fake it until you make it’.

When a horse pins its ears back it’s displaying anger, so some horse trainers tape the horse’s ears forward to create a ‘feedback loop’, to trick the horse into calming itself. Some happiness experts have the same idea. They say, … Continue reading

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Key 10. Ignore the dills in the peanut gallery.

In the 1800s theatre audiences were noisy. If the entertainment was deemed poor the patrons would express their displeasure by heckling, or by throwing peanuts at the actors. The biggest nuisances were the less sophisticated patrons sitting in the cheap … Continue reading

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Key 11. What’s your default emotion?

Here is an old Scottish fable I just made up: One day, in the days of knights and damsels, Sir Thrustalot slew two black knights and a dragon before Happy Hour. To celebrate, he and his friends enjoyed a feed … Continue reading

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Key 12. Find the hidden concerns.

Sometimes we feel unsettled, or grumpy, or anxious, and don’t know why. Even after we have labelled the emotion we don’t know why we are feeling that way. That’s when we need to look a little deeper. We need to … Continue reading

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Key 13. What presses your button?

Rolf would become incensed when a driver would cut in front of him. One time, when a driver had stopped at the lights, Rolf got out of his car and rapped on the other driver’s window, yelling. Fortunately for Rolf the … Continue reading

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Our enjoyable emotions.

Gosh! All this talk about our dark emotions; you’d think it was all doom and gloom! Let’s mention a few of the ones that make life enjoyable. 

joy (euphoria, elation, ecstasy)  I have leapt out of my chair, yelled, and … Continue reading

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