This book concludes.

When many years ago I was asked to answer the question, ‘What makes a person happy?’, the question became a quest. The powerlessness I felt being unable to help my sister Jane meant that writing this book was to be my journey. For me, any other journey would have been a waste of time. Yet, I have not found a cure for depression. I can’t even assist someone suffering from the affliction.

But I have come to understand a little about happiness. It isn’t a mystery. It is something we evolved, in the same way we evolved our elbows and our spleen. We are meant to have happiness. It’s our reward for satisfying innate needs – for going through the motions of being an aware human being.
I couldn’t help you then, dear sister Jane, and I wouldn’t be able to help you with your depression today.  I tried. But I desperately hope the material in this book may help someone avoid developing anxiety attacks and depression.

Jane, thank you for the journey you prompted me to take. It has been bewildering, exasperating, and endless. And it has been the most rewarding damned thing I’ve ever done.

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