Look for the part you played when something goes right in your life.

Remember our Japanese weather forecasters who were required to explain why their predictions were wrong? Well, they may also have been asked to explain why their accurate predictions were right! Because by doing so – by looking for what they did right – they could have further enhanced their strengths.
     When something goes right in our life and we search for the things we did right, and find them, we get a confidence booster. Plus, we increase our chances of doing it the right way next time. We feel confident and capable, and add to our inner authority.

When a project goes well, look for why. Be thorough. With each item you find, congratulate yourself.

Janice organises a barbecue and it goes well. She writes a list of the things that went well.

‘I anticipated problems other people might not have thought of. I was thorough!’

‘I took into account the possibility that the kids might become bored, and was ready for it. Good thinking!’

‘I made arrangements so that if it rained, the day wasn’t ruined. That’s a professional approach!’

‘I didn’t exceed the budget. That’s disciplined and responsible behaviour.’

‘I was diligent in topping up their drinks – that’s what a good host does.’

In short, make a written list of the things you did right when you successfully complete a project. But be warned: don’t also look for what didn’t go right, or for ways you could have done it better. They are good things to do, but not now. Right now, your job is to list everything you did right.    
    Do that and you will discover you are more skilled, and more capable, than you thought you were! You might even uncover skills you didn’t know you had.
     Doing this will significantly boost your confidence and competence for your future endeavours. And, it’s another big step towards developing that feeling that whatever happens, you’ll handle it.

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