Kind comments

To the people who question my work, thank you! Your feedback is invaluable!

And to those of you who have sent me kind comments, thank you! I find your comments encouraging and heartening. Much appreciated.

Many of the comments were written before I changed the format. If you have written one of the comments below, but don’t want it to be here, please let me know and I’ll remove it.

“I have read a lot of peoples blogs and find yours the best. I often visit it.  . . . I will keep on reading as it’s helping me in my search . . .  great blog keep up the good work love it.”
Hannah Sammon.

“I’m just writing to thank you for your website . . .  I’ve been reading and re-reading your pages . . ., and find them very thought provoking. Such a refreshing change from the usual new-age approaches proliferating the internet and which seem quiet unrelated to real life! So, thank you for sharing your realistic and down-to-Earth ideas. Certainly I’m finding them useful, as are others I’m sure. . . .”

“. . .  it’s presented in a very understandable and systematic way! This is amazing!”
Peter John Lumontad Domingo.

“I must say that, even though you are not a psychologist, your advice did mirror my own psychologist’s advice, I hope that gives it more validity.”

“Thank you! This is amazing. . . . made me rethink a lot of attitudes and beliefs I have developed over the past few years, and made me realise that maybe some of them were some of the reasons I have been feeling so bad. . . .  reading this article helped me get that little bit further back on track. . . . “

“I would like to offer my most sincere praise as your words and examples are wonderful to read and experience!”

“I love this article! . . .  I applaud you, because it makes me, and others like me breathe a sigh of relief that there is someone out there who actually lives in reality!”

“This article is priceless and should be used in many mental health environments. . . .”

“Thank you for writing this. . . .  it’s beyond refreshing to find a less individual-blaming outlook. Thank you!”

“The idea that we can choose our primal emotions is a dangerous one. I am so grateful for your work to bust this myth. . . .  Thank you so much!”

Not everyone is happy:
“This is a load of shit. There is no one who is going to convince me that being poor is just as good as or better than being rich.”
‘Me’, commenting on the Myth: we need money to be happy.

“Wow, I enjoyed reading this. It is very philosophical and has made me think big…”
Sinead O’Callaghan

“I love this article! I get tired of hearing all this nonsense about . . . “

“I don’t know you, but I got to say thanks. . . . So thanks. I felt a lot of love and companionship in your article. Thank you.”
Daniel H.

“This gave me some powerful thoughts to reflect on.  . . .  Your article has given me more hope and I will think of your words when I am meditating throughout the day. . . .  you have helped me on a very personal level, you have said things that affect me in very personal ways. Thank you.”

Not everyone agrees:
“Yes, we can absolutely choose to be happy if we are courageous enough to do so. While I fully respect your opinion, I know you are 100% absolutely wrong.”
Ryan, commenting on the Myth: we can choose to be happy.

“There was one thing in particular you talked of in a YouTube video that snapped me out of a dark phase I was going through . . .  the small glimmer of light you handed me when there was none to be found, which in term, evolved into something great.”

“This Ockham’s Razor by Mark Avery on the dual nature of happiness was brilliant.”
A tweet from someone to someone else, about my Ockham’s Razor talk on Radio National’s website.

“Mr. B/Mark, I just want to thank you. This book, which I am still re-reading, and probably will be reading and note-taking and such for a while hence, has been such an important resource to me in my life right now. I am so grateful that you have shared this gift with all of us. Thank you. Be well.”
Chris from AZ, USA

“I have only most recently discovered your blog/book and having read through your book and a few of the myths (with all intent to read them again), I would like to offer my most sincere praise as your words and examples are wonderful to read and experience!”

“. . . I am really surprised by what i find here. I was struggling many years in my life with unhappiness . . . And now I must realize that everything I found over the time is here and even some more helpful ideas and presented in a very understandable and systematic way! This is amazing! And I just wonder how you know all this because it is hard to distinguish the helpful from the useless stuff.”

“I like your work. You have a unique and honest point of view. I look forward to reading more.”