(X) Myth: With money we avoid boring chores.

Mr Bashful, if we have money we can avoid doing tiring and boring chores. Surely that will make us happier?

Remember temporary happiness? We experience that when we experience pleasure. We also experience temporary unhappiness when something bad happens. Like having to do a chore.

By not doing those chores we are only avoiding temporary unhappiness. We are not increasing our core happiness. We are not raising our set point. We are not becoming happier.

Yes, not having to do chores is great, in the same way eating a pizza is great. But neither have anything to do with core happiness.

Many people can afford to have cleaners clean their house, but if they have a weak core happiness they won’t lead a happier life by avoiding those chores. They will, however, manage to avoid temporary unhappiness. Compared to having a strong core happiness, that’s not a big deal.

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