(viii) Doesn’t money give us self-respect?

Q. ‘Mr B, I need money to have self respect. I would feel ashamed if I couldn’t pay my way, or if I were a beggar. It’s not about status; we all need some money just to feel respectable, just to feel part of society. How could I satisfy my ‘deep need to belong’ if I couldn’t pay my way? We do need at least some money to be happy.’
No, you need money to avoid unhappiness. If you don’t have the money to fix a toothache, or pay your way, then you can become unhappy. But once you have enough money to avoid unhappiness, that’s it. Having more of it won’t make you happier. It won’t add to your core happiness.
   ‘So, again you are saying that money won’t make us happy, but it can prevent unhappiness?’

For more information about why money doesn’t make us happy, click here.


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