Buddhists & brain scans?

‘Using brain scans, neuroscientists have found that the ‘happy centres’ of  some Buddhists’ brains light up constantly, which suggests that their mindfulness and meditation succeed in making them happy. What do you make of that, Mr B?’

If you focus on becoming angry often, you will get good at becoming angry. If you focus on being calm, compassionate and happy, while distracting yourself from emotions like anger and resentment, then you will get good at feeling calm, compassionate and happy. Some Buddhists are training their brains to experience happiness. For them, being happy is a quest.

But it’s not my quest. Being happy is not my aim in life, in the same way that wearing clothes is not my aim in life, though both are essential for a good life. For me, happiness is just a lubricant. It makes life enjoyable.

But if your main aim in life is to be happy, forget this book and do it the Buddhists’ way. I bet Mr Bashful’s brain doesn’t light up like a Christmas tree in a brain scan, like their brains do.

That said, a few of the keys in this book do aim to reduce our anger and resentment, and the majority of the keys aim to reduce anxiety. But they don’t require meditation or mindfulness, just awareness and a little application.

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