Who are you, Mark?

My name is Mark Avery. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia but now live in Sydney.

I am a soapbox speaker in Sydney’s Domain park and call myself ‘Mr Bashful’ because it’s easy for a passer-by to remember, and easy to google. For more about that go to the Speakers’ Corner website.


2 Responses to Who are you, Mark?

  1. Alexander Gonda says:

    Hi Mr. Bashful, my name’s Alex.

    Firstly, I saw you speak yesterday at the Speaker’s corner outside NSW art gallery and thought what you had to say (despite the interruptions from others!) was really quite profound (regarding core happiness being essential, compared to the short termed sensations bursts of pleasure and pain).

    I’ll definitely browse through you’re blog, and ‘follow’ your twitter now. I think I have a few things to learn from this!

    Be in touch soon mate,


    • Mr Bashful says:

      Thank you, Alex!
      I remember you, of course. I hope you get something out of the blog/book.
      As for Twitter, I haven’t tweeted for a few years, which means you won’t be besieged by tweets.
      Good luck to you!

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