On what do you base these ideas?

Are your ideas based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Are they Jungian? Gestalt? Buddhist? Christian? Something else?’

Not that I know of.

Many of the ideas are mine. Some ideas have been acquired from books, which I acknowledge as I go. My Uncle Geoffrey provided a few good ideas. The chapter about moving through fear was gained almost entirely from Susan Jeffer’s book,  ‘Feel the Fear and do it anyway’. Manuel J. Smith’s book, ‘I feel guilty when I say no‘ was invaluable for the chapters on being assertive.

I’ve been scrambling for the crumbs left by giants, but from no particular giant.

2 Responses to On what do you base these ideas?

  1. Markus Herter says:

    Hi Mr. Bashful,
    I am really surprised by what i find here. I was struggling many years in my life with unhappiness and in the last years I could figure out a few things how i can change it. I found them on different sources, tried them, made my experiences and finally overcame my cronical unhappiness. I thought that I found something not many peope know about. And now I must realize that everything I found over the time is here and even some more helpfull ideas and presented in a very understandable and systematic way! This is amazing! And I just wonder how you know all this because it is hard to distinguish the helpfull from the useless stuff.

    • Mr Bashful says:

      First, I’m so pleased you overcame your chronic unhappiness. Well done! Good for you!

      Second, thank you for your wonderful compliments! I am so pleased. It’s comments like yours that make my effort worthwhile.

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me with your thoughts.

      My warm regards to you, Markus, and may your happiness and resilience continue to grow.


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