How much can I increase my happiness?

‘If I apply the umpteen keys to core happiness, how much will I increase my core happiness?’

Enough to be pleased with the difference. To expect a huge change in your happiness levels would be unrealistic. Recall a time when you were really pleased: your footy team won, or you just received a promotion. Now, would you really hope or expect to maintain that feeling throughout your everyday life?

No, you wouldn’t.

Imagine you are outside playing a game, but it’s nippy. You want to enjoy yourself but keep being reminded of the cold. If it were just a couple of degrees warmer you could forget about the chill and enjoy yourself. A small change could make a big difference.

Or, think of a cup of coffee. The difference between a cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee can depend on a just few drops of milk. Again, a little difference can make a big difference.

In the same way, if you can increase your core happiness even just a little, your life will change significantly.



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