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A few loose ends addressed.

Part 10. Take responsibility for how your life unfolds.

I’m audaciously dividing people into three groups: 

Group 1.
 These people are never at fault. When things go wrong they blame their boss, their spouse, the government, society, the weather bureau . . . They spend their lives complaining and … Continue reading

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Part 11. Become unbreakable.

A compass will point to Magnetic North unless it’s broken or influenced by a magnet. But what if you had a compass that, no matter what you did to it, always pointed to Magnetic North? What an extraordinary and reliable … Continue reading

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In conclusion: The Hadza.

In the December 2009 edition of National Geographic, Michael Finkel wrote an absorbing article about the ‘Hadza’, a hunter-gatherer tribe in a remote part of Tanzania, Africa. He writes: ‘Onwas is an old man . . . Across his arms … Continue reading

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