Help someone feel valued.

Print this page and nail your copy to something fragile. As you complete each task, tick it. When you have completed each task mail the page to a celebrity.

(Some of the tasks will benefit you as well as the recipient. For example, every time you say ‘Good morning’ to someone, and every time you acknowledge a car driver’s courtesy, you will be adding to your feeling of connection, not just theirs.)

▪ Give someone a few minutes of your time by listening to them. Let them complete what they want to say, and then ask questions. You don’t need to contribute your opinion unless requested to do so.

▪ Get into the habit of telling people why you appreciate them. Or, acknowledge their achievement. Be genuine. Be specific.  For example: ‘You’re good at . . .’     ‘I like the way you . . .’

▪ Remember someone’s birthday and acknowledge it when it arrives.

▪ Do a job for a parent or neighbour without being asked. (Put the bin out. Sweep the path. Clean up the dog poo in the back yard. Mow the lawn . . .)

▪ Be patient with someone. The ones who are hard to be patient with need it the most.

▪ Thank someone, and be genuine. ‘Thank you for arranging my birthday party.’ Do it face to face if you can.

▪ Using the five steps, write a Thank youletter to a person who has significantly contributed to your life. It could be to a parent, relative, teacher, friend, colleague, school-mate, employer . . .

▪ Acknowledge someone’s existence. For example, ring your grandpa without being asked.

▪ If you catch a passing stranger’s eye, say ‘Good morning’.

▪ Give a small gift to someone for no particular reason.

▪ Patiently listen to someone complain.

▪ When you cross a road as a pedestrian, and a car gives way to you, give a nod of thanks and a smile.

▪ Make your pet feel valued!  Play with it. (Make it a habit.) Walk the neighbour’s dog.

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