A ‘move through fear’ exercise.

Print this page, and when you complete each ‘quest’, tick it. When you have completed every quest, mail the sheet to someone important.

Kids, you will need a parent’s permission for some of these ‘quests’.

Q. ‘Isn’t there a danger that if something goes wrong, my confidence will be shattered?’

It’s hard to say. I guess it depends on what happens. Can you not remember a time in which you failed in your attempt, but confidence in yourself grew anyway? Simply because you gave it a go?

▪ Even if you attempt a quest and fail, praise yourself for having a go.
▪ Watching scary movies doesn’t count. You need to actively move through your 
 fears, not passively inure yourself to them.
▪ Don’t do anything that might be unsafe. Doing something unsafe demeans you. 
 Respected abseilers, speleologists, mountain climbers, skydivers . . . minimise the 
 risks as much as possible. They make their activity as safe as possible before doing it.

Quest 1. Sing in a karaoke bar. (If you are legally allowed to be there.)

Quest 2. Go rock climbing at a rock climbing centre.

Quest 3. Go on a theme park ride you would normally avoid.

Quest 4. When you are required to do something necessary but scary (such as catching a spider to take outside), do it. (Don’t squash the spider.)

Quest 5. At work, or in leisure, take on a daunting project. One you think you might fail in.

Quest 6. Begin conversations with strangers, and with people different to you.

Quest 7. Ring a talk-back ratio station to express an opinion.

Quest 8. ?? Create your own scary quests.

Quest 9.

Quest 10.

Quest 11.

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