Part 11. Become unbreakable.

A compass will point to Magnetic North unless it’s broken or influenced by a magnet. But what if you had a compass that, no matter what you did to it, always pointed to Magnetic North? What an extraordinary and reliable compass that would be.

In the same way, what if your own moral compass were so unbreakable it could lead you to act honestly in life, regardless of any pressure to be dishonest? How powerful would you feel if you knew that you could rely on yourself to do the right thing, midst any circumstances?

A strength like that would spread to other areas of your life. You would trust yourself and your decisions, because your direction would be clear to you. Yes, in life we make mistakes, we say the wrong thing, we make bad decisions – but you would know that beneath those blunders, those awkward words, those poor choices, was a moral compass steering you in the right direction towards that ultimate goal you have set for yourself: to build yourself a person.

It’s then you realise that those countless blunders you make in life, and all those little faults you have, don’t matter. They’re just speed-humps. White noise. Unimportant. They don’t matter the proverbial hill of beans.

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